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Time R.O.I.

It is Possible to Create a

    Breakthrough in Your Business

   Your Income

Your Productivity

Your Satisfaction

Time R.O.I.

It is Possible to Create a

    Breakthrough in Your Business

   Your Income

Your Productivity

Your Satisfaction

Imagine getting more Money Making activities done in ONE DAY, than you used to in one week.

What if that profitable day could be your “new normal”?

You confidently start your days knowing they will be profitable, successful, and your team will support you because they have systems in place.

The results you produce start compounding into more wins and gains.

Think of how this affects your life:

  • Growing your business to levels of financial comfort, so you can Pay Yourself Appropriately

  • Creating organization and focus around your profitable activities

  • Eliminating the chaos associated with inconsistencies and wasted time

  • Creating new Leadership breakthroughs

  • Finally Feeling Satisfied about your decision to build your own business

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For most entrepreneurs, that “new normal” never happens.

Their relationship with time and money is often in chaos.

Business is run from a reactive 'put out the fires' energy. 

This affects all areas of their lives.

Overwhelmed, they see it happening and are not sure how to tackle the elephant when it comes to implementing highly-productive, results-producing actions.



  • Determine The Value Of Your Time: create a new strategy with how you invest your most productive hours and most profitable relationships, while learning techniques to sustain that transformation long-term.

  • Implement Your Own Masterful Money Experience Rituals that guide you to set up your days for success.

  • Develop Strategic Systems in your business that allow you to focus! (systems that are personal to you) 

  • Rely on your new systems to Foster Loyalty and Referability within your business community. 

  • Create a self-accountability program to Align Your Time with Your Desired Outcomes

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Some Of Our Results...

I know EXACTLY what it’s like to be consumed with endless tasks that do not lead to revenue.

In the early 90’s I was growing my business through sheer will-power.

I was sleeping 5 hours per night… then grinding for 19 hours!

It felt like I was always “ON.”

End-of-the-wick exhaustion set it.

My family-life was suffering.

My finances were not where I wanted them to be.

Stress piled up on my shoulders like concrete.

I knew I needed to make a change.

That’s When I Started Refining Strategies and Systems That Lead to Profits and Peace of Mind.

As I figured out the primary components that were critical to scaling my company to 7 figures, I tested all systems within my own businesses.

My businesses kept growing upward.

YET! My time working decreased.

Also, I was able to finally be present with my family.

Steadily, year after year, I watched our profit margins grow.

At Industry Conference Roundtables, I found myself teaching my peers about what I was doing to generate high profit margins.

At a point, leaders of entrepreneurial organizations and universities across the United States asked me to come and speak to their communities.

Since 1995, I’ve been teaching my systems and concepts to thousands of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and the people they employ.

In addition, there are a few side benefits…

By shoring up how things operate in your business, you create a sense of calmness that carries over to all areas of your life! 

Your Leadership skills, your Partnership skills and your Client Building skills are all shifting up to new levels of success.

You are focused, clear in your mind, and have structure in your time investments. 

As Your Trainer and Fellow Entrepreneur, I am Committed to Your Breakthroughs and Insights!

Here’s how it will look…

  • We’ll meet for TWO  DAYS of interactive training. 

  • You will be in a Zoom Room with me as your trainer and other smart entrepreneurs who

    are part of the group.

  • You will be included in a Private Communication Group in Messenger.

  • I lead you though a proven framework to identify what systems are needed to grow your business, reduce stress, and develop productive time expenditure and money making habits that you will insert your own details into. 

  • We’ll have open discussions where you ask questions and share insights.

  • We will be in communication between sessions, for support and celebrations via our messenger group.

  • You will conclude the training with a vision and plan to leverage your time and maximize your profits.

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Here’s The Investment…

The value of what you learn is a conservative $100,000.

Why that number?

Because I remember the first time I earned $100,000 more than I had the previous year… and realizing that I also took the most free time. I thought, “This is a direct result of implementing systems to support business growth, while changing my relationship to time and money.”

So, the true value is well over $100,000.

The retail price for Time ROI of $997 is an entirely fair offer, based on the results my clients achieve as a result of the training. 

However, for members of The Pitchfreaks, you are invited to access this live training, the bonus content, the private group and the opportunity to produce your own personalized results for the limited time price of


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Naturally, It Comes with a Guarantee, too…

If by our first break on day 1 of training you think it’s not for you, I’ll refund your money. You keep the bonuses and we part as friends.

I am confident that if you implement what you learn, you will streamline your business, improve revenue and profits, and get more done in less time.










Secure Your Spot Now....This gift will

reward you for years to come.

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Some Of Our Results

Our Featured Courses

Checkout our most popular courses. These are recently updated with all new content.


There is No Better Time Than Now!

Join our next group on APRIL 15/16, 2023 to discover a breakthrough in your business growth. Implement Systems and Structure to Increase your Productivity and Profits. Get more done in less time and eliminate the stress and fears associated with scaling your company to 7 figures and beyond.

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Your Bonus: The overview of The Time Class ©

Since 1995, this course has been helping entrepreneurs manage their time more effectively, gain a sense of life balance, and develop clarity for how to invest every hour at work for a profitable outcome. This three-part recording provides the foundation for you to begin choosing progress, results and profits as a way of life for you, while enjoying your personal time in a way that recharges your physical and mental batteries. 



In Module 1 you begin to understand how your relationship and story about time affect your life. 

  • How your family of origin affects your beliefs.

  • How your past, present and future memories determine your decisions. 

  • What mental hoarding keeps you from achieving.

  • How to recognize and eliminate blind spots that sabotage your time.

  • How to use your Ultradian Rhythms to your advantage.

  • What the distinction of your personal time system means.

  • Module 2

    In Module 2 you will come to understand how to gain a sense of life balance.

  • You will learn to improve and discard the behaviors in a way that supports your optimal physical being.

  • You will learn how to communicate in relationships in a new and profound way.

  • You will discover the meaning of Spiritualty (not religion) and how to appropriately rely on this aspect of life

  • You will learn how to leverage your knowledge and skills in a way that supports the career path you choose.

  • You will learn a new way to look at prosperity in your own life.

  • Module 3

    In Module 3 you will review the information you've already learned, but from a new vantage point as you have worked through each part. 

  • You will begin to see what to selectively focus on to support your desired results.

  • You will learn how to create goals which eliminate your time wasters and replace them with joy and money makers. 

  • You will learn how to start each day in a way that sets you up for success. 

  • I did not know how much I needed this! Being an executive and having a family, I felt like I was constantly behind. If I wasn't behind at work, I felt guilty for not spending time with my family. When spending time with my family I was thinking about work! I felt like every morning I strapped into a rollercoaster, completely out of control until I went to bed at night . This course taught me to take charge of my time and by doing so, my life. I get more done at work, which is helping me produce better results. I also have much more time than I ever had before - I even make time for myself now. This course is a must-have for any busy professional realizing there could be more to life!

    - Anna L, CMO for international software company

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    Terms: No part of this presentation can be copied or shared with any person/s other than the original purchaser of the product without express written consent from the publisher. All purchases are non-refundable after the first break of the first day of training. Privacy: All personal information is secure and will not be shared or resold.

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